Strategy & Management Consulting

Strategy & management consulting

We design and implement strategies to give our clients happy customers, happy employees, and happy owners.

As the premier boutique management consulting firm in the region, we pride ourselves on our ability to affect change at our clients. Leveraging our expertise in strategy and implementation, we help our clients capture growth, create value, and optimize every aspect of their business.

We work side-by-side with our clients to uncover powerful insights and translate those insights into action. We then undertake the change management journey with our clients to turn those initiatives into results that can be seen on the bottom line.

Before we accept an engagement, we make sure that the value we create for our clients is multiples of our fees.


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About Us

Our mission is to help our clients create growth and value for their stakeholders and themselves.

Our team brings expertise in over a dozen industries and functional areas, forged from decades of experience delivering results for companies of every size in almost every industry.

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Practice areas

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Strategy & Planning

We structure the thinking in novel and different ways. After comprehensive diagnostic, we design actionable plans with clear objectives and measurable outcomes.

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Implementation & Change Management

We implement our recommendations, because a strategy isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on until it delivers real results to the top and bottom lines.

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Advanced Analytics

Analytics bring facts and logic to decision-making. Decisions supported by evidence and analysis are proven to produce better results. In God we trust; all else bring data.

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Digital & Technology

Digital and technology are core aspects of creating growth and value. In this digital century, it is increasingly rare for an initiative to move the needle without a digital aspect.

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Strategy & planning

  • Our client wanted to double its footprint in 5 years

  • We established a strategic framework to evaluate market attractiveness and profitability over time

  • The result was a DMA-level growth plan and store- and enterprise-level pro-forma P&Ls

Advanced Analytics

Implementation & Change

Digital & Technology

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  • Our client had not evaluated its price in a decade

  • We used analytics to set micro-targeted prices for each of the 1k products for each of the 30k customers

  • The result was a 15% lift to EBITDA for the business unit

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  • Our client wanted the organization to implement strategy faster

  • We conducted a large-scale re-organization to streamline operations and right-size the organization

  • The result was a lean organization aligned with the CEO’s strategy and growth initiatives

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  • Our client asked us to grow sales, and we found a renewal sales opportunity

  • We integrated the Technology, Marketing, and Sales departments & their systems to capture the opportunity

  • The result was a 10% lift to enterprise EBITDA

Change is the only constant in life
— Heraclitus