Banking, Credit Unions, & Insurance

The banking & insurance industries have undergone significant changes. The customer experience is increasingly digital, cyber continues to grow in importance, and regulations are racing to catch up. Beyond these secular changes, companies must navigate the business cycle and ensuing ebb and flow of profit centers.



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Pricing A commercial bank asked us to look at their pricing. We offered a new strategic framework to understand pricing, leading to a significant lift in cash management’s performance.


Retention A well-known membership organization on-boarded all members the same way. Using predictive analytics, we discovered traits of high-churn segments and customized their on-boarding. Our work improved retention by 2 percentage points, generating $1.5M in high-margin annual revenue.

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Acquisition Analytics Our client was an insurer with sub-optimal customer acquisition performance. We built a recommendation engine that customized product suggestions for each lead. Conversion increased by 15%, and productivity increased by 5%.

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