Go-to-Market & Commercialization

Successful Go-to-Market and Commercialization strategies require contributions from every part of the business. To survive and thrive in dynamic markets, firms need structured, analytical, and agile Go-to-Market capabilities.



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GtM Operating Model We designed a regimented analytical Go-to-Market operating model for our client. The new approach identified good ideas sooner and fast-tracked them, and it built a cross-functional team to shepherd good ideas through implementation.


GtM Implementation After creating a GtM strategy and operating model, we began implementation. Focus on buy-in, engagement, and frequent communication led to successful launch of first new revenue streams at client in years.

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Commercialization Strategy & Ops Our client asked us to find growth areas. From a strategic assessment, we saw a compelling path to growth through an expanded offering. We developed the commercialization process to research, evaluate, pilot, and launch new services.

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