Impact & results

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Strategy impact


  • An online retailer asked us how to double sales in 5 years

  • Our recommendation grew their offering, added channels, and developed new partnerships


  • An insurance firm asked us for a growth strategy

  • After a strategic assessment, we identified a path to 2x growth through strategic partnerships


  • A manufacturer asked us to review their long-term strategy as the ground had been shifting under the industry’s feet

  • Our analysis and insights helped the client grasp these changes and develop a response

Analytics impact

marketing analytics

  • Our client’s churn rates were increasing, and previous attempts at containment were unsuccessful

  • We used prescriptive analytics to anticipate when customers would drop service and why, and, hence, when to reach out and what to say

  • We reduced churn and increased retention

Pricing analytics

  • Our client had not adjusted many prices in 10+ years

  • We used advanced analytics to determine individualized prices for 1k products for 30k customers

  • We delivered a 20% to the business unit’s bottom line

growth analytics

  • Our client wanted to double its footprint in 3 years

  • After developing a strategic framework, we used advanced analytics to measure the attractiveness and value of each market

  • The result was a robust growth plan and pro-forma P&L.

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Implementation & Change Management impact

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go-to-market implementation

  • After creating a GtM strategy and operating model, we began implementation

  • Key success factors were buy-in, frequent communication, and engagement of client’s organization

  • Result was launch of first new revenue streams at the client in years

organizational transformation

  • After designing a new organizational structure, we brought it to life

  • The transformation was step-by-step, and we ensured that the client played an active role in each step

  • The result was a leaner organization better-aligned with the CEO’s strategy

pricing rollout

  • After determining new prices for 30k customers and 1k products, we began rolling out new prices

  • Nuanced client communications and real-time updates to impact characterized the rollout waves

  • Results were minimized attrition achieved the projected net incremental value


Digital & Technology impact


Digital marketing

  • We drove high-margin renewal sales by designing and implementing a digital marketing strategy for a retailer

  • Advanced analytics identified opportunities and digital design & integration seized those opportunities

digital customer journey

  • Our client’s digital customer experience had not evolved recently

  • Benchmarking against industry best practices, we redesigned the digital customer journey to emphasize key touch points

  • Redesigned journey improved engagement and conversion

process automation

  • Our client was manually generating recurring reports

  • We automated report generation and selected higher value-add activities for staff to do

  • Our engagement cleared the way for staff to move the needle on operational excellence

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Go-to-Market, Commercialization, and Innovation impact


Commercialization Strategy

  • Our client wanted to grow, and our assessment revealed growth through an expanded offering

  • We developed the commercialization process to research, evaluate, pilot, and launch new services

  • We identified services to commercialize to add 10% to sales and ran them through the process

GtM operating model

  • We designed a regimented analytical GtM operating model to identify good ideas early and fast-track them

  • The model included a cross-functional team and governance processes to shepherd ideas through implementation

  • Our new GtM approach accelerated value creation and growth

Launching new revenue streams

  • After creating a GtM strategy and operating model, we began implementation

  • Key success factors were buy-in, frequent communication, and engagement of client’s organization

  • Result was launch of first new revenue streams at the client in years


Design Innovation

  • Our client asked us to look at their design process

  • We recommended changes to standardize the process and bring in stakeholders earlier

  • Our changes increased speed-to-market, and decreased design costs & re-work

Lean overhaul

  • Our client asked us to look at corporate processes

  • We streamlined core processes by leveraging technology and LEAN principles

  • The engagement lowered cost and cycle time by 50%

Operations impact

Capacity optimization

  • A service retailer wanted to grow a main service

  • By re-organizing the operating model to deliver that service, we doubled capacity of existing resources

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Marketing & Sales impact

customer acquisition

  • Our client’s customer acquisition efforts were sub-optimal

  • We built a recommendation engine that customized product suggestions for each lead

  • Conversion increased by 15%, and productivity increased by 5%

Retention is the new acquisition

  • A well-known membership organization on-boarded all members the same way

  • Using predictive analytics, we discovered unique traits of high-churn segments and customized their on-boarding

  • Our work improved retention by 2 percentage points, generating $1.5M in high-margin annual revenue

customer engagement

  • Our client’s customer email engagement was declining

  • By analytically mapping the customer journey, we improved the relevancy of the client’s communications

  • Our efforts improved email engagement by 84%


Organizations & People impact


People Analytics & talent

  • Through a People Analytics diagnostic, we found an opportunity in talent

  • We devised a talent and leadership management program to help our client become an Employer of Choice

functional excellence

  • We analyzed our client’s structure and capability ratios and recommended ways to balance the organization to better serve customers

Organizational redesign

  • For two clients, we helped them design and implement a new organizational structure

  • The result was an effective and efficient organization aligned with corporate strategy